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Mobile » Palm OS » Business » Tens Stimulation Device 4.9.9

Tens Stimulation Device 4.9.9 screenshot

Tens Stimulation Device 4.9.9

Tens Stimulation Device 4.9.9 screenshot
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Tens Stimulation Device Publisher's description:

from Tens Stimulation Device

Although painkillers have been proven to work for millions of people around the world, that doesn't always make them the best solution. The problem with using painkillers is that many of them are narcotics, which can be addictive when used too frequently, and they can even lose effectiveness over time. Some people also have negative physical reactions when using them, including nausea, mood swings, drowsiness, and allergic reactions, among others.
Painkillers can also be an expensive way to treat pain- and unfortunately, they don't always provide the desired results. Some of the biggest complaints associated with them is that it takes too long for the effects to begin, and that when they do, they don't relieve as much pain as hoped.
In order to avoid these negative side effects, many people opt for other forms of pain management, and one of the most dynamic types of pain treatment is the use of pain relief devices, such as TENS therapy units. TENS stands for "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation." Essentially, it's the emission of gentle electric pulses to block the body's pain signals before they can reach the brain. Pain relief devices (like the Aurawave TENS unit or the OTC TENS-7000) use electrodes, which are connected to a portable unit that is used to control the frequency of the electrical current. The sticky electrodes are placed around the area of pain on the body, and then the pain relief device is turned on so that the pulses can travel through the wires and gently penetrate below the skin. They stimulate the nerve fibers, and in doing so, they actually "confuse" the signals so that the brain doesn't interpret them as being painful. Instead, it simply registers the tingling sensation of the TENS therapy treatment.
Using pain relief devices is wonderful for people who wish to discontinue using traditional painkillers (or avoid using them at all), but who still need an effective way to find relief from pain.

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